Horse Greeting Cards

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Shop from our our selection of horse themed note and birthday cards all featuring beautiful pictures of horses. Collection includes cards from original art work by artists like Anna Noelle Rockwell and photography by Robert Vavra. Many of the cards are blank inside to accommodate your special birthday message or greeting. We also offer boxed sets of cards that can make a great gift, or something useful to keep on hand for those many occasions that require a hand-written greeting.

Get Well: Hope you're Up and Back In The Saddle Soon.
Price: $2.50

Sympathy: Those I Loved...
Price: $2.50

Note Card: Epona, Celtic Horses
Price: $2.25
Note Card: Christopher Marona - Golden Carpet
Price: $1.75
Note Card: American Horse
Price: $2.50

Party Invitation Cards: Regal Horse- 1 Pack of 8 cards
Price: $8.95

Party invitations: Wild Horse -1 Pack of 8 cards
Price: $4.75

Note Card Set: Cowboy Up! by Robert Dawson, 12 assorted cards
Price: $10.00

Boxed Greeting Card Set: Gallery of Horses 20 Assorted cards
Price: $18.95
Sympathy: Not gone..
Price: $2.80

Note Card Set: Equus by Laurel Burch, 12 assorted cards
Price: $10.00

Note Card Set: Cowkids by Don Crook, 12 assorted cards
Price: $10.00
Note Card Set - 20 Cards The Art of Chris Cummings:
Price: $18.95

Party Supplies: Gift Bag -Ready to go White Horse-Jan Taylor - Large
Price: $4.95

Birthday Card: 25 Hidden Horses -Steve Kushner
Price: $2.80

Anniversary Card: To Love and Be Loved -Kim McElroy
Price: $2.80
Sympathy Card: Thinking of You-Kim McElroy
Price: $2.80

Day at the Races Invitations: 1 pack of 8 cards
Price: $12.00
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