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Horseman's English-Spanish

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Horseman's English/Spanish Dictionary
El Diccionario de Ingles/Espanol del Equitador
by Maria Belknap
Over time, people who use the horse for work, transportation, and pleasure have developed a very specialized, technical, and unwritten language to communicate among themselves. The words and phrases used by horse people worldwide seldom find their way into conventional dictionaries. As such, it is often difficult for horse people who speak different languages to communicate with each other.
Maria Belknap compiled the Horseman's English/Spanish Dictionary To serve as a communication tool for both Spanish and English-speaking horse people. This equivalency dictionary is arranged by topic into four sections: The horse; The Horse and Rider; Equine facility Management; and Conversation Basics.
A separate section, 5,000 Everyday Words, is structured for both the English and Spanish reader. This section contains the most commonly used words in both languages, to facilitate communication.
While the emphasis of the regional variations common to such countries as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Spain are also included. As an added bonus, the Horseman's English/Spanish Dictionary includes six anatomical illustrations of the horse and two illustrations of horse tack with all identifications in both languages.
(copyright Maria Belknap-Breakthrough Publications)
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