Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering Questions

Can I only order online?

No, you can order by phone or through the mail. For more information Click here .

Payment Questions

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover  & Paypal. We can also process Mail Orders & Checks. Please note that Checks must clear our bank before we ship (normally 10 business days).

Do you accept C.O.D. payments?

Sorry, we do not send anything out C.O.D. See  "What payments do you accept?" above.

When will my credit card be debited?

We charge your credit card after we have filled your order and are ready to ship.

Security Questions

Are orders placed through a secure server?

All order transactions are placed through a secure server. Any information you share with us when placing an order online is encrypted to ensure security.

Do You Use Cookies. If so How?

Like most e-commerce websites we do use cookies. They are needed to help identify a visitor as they move around our site. With our shopping cart program, if you have cookies enabled, our program puts a cookie on your computer when an order is placed. This cookie, tracks you to keep your basket separate from other shopper's baskets. If, however, cookies are turned off, our program uses a system of IP address comparison, based on the shopping baskets already active on the system.

We also use cookies for analysing our web site traffic and cookies are used to track a visitor through our site. These cookies do not identify a person, rather they use a combination of browser type, computer type and IP address to track a vistor through our site.

Shipping and Stock Questions

How quickly do you ship and order?

We aim to ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.  Orders placed on weekends and holidays may obviously take a little longer.  If we have questions about your order, we will need to contact you prior to shipping.

Are the items you sell in stock?

We do our best to keep all items in stock.  If you do order something that has just sold out, we will phone or E-mail to apologize and let you know how soon we expect to have that item back in stock.

What does the message "ON BACK ORDER: Due in --/--/09" above the product description mean?

You can order the item but it will not ship until the stated date. We do not charge orders placed with credit cards until the product is ready to ship.

What Shipping options do I have?

We ship by Priority Mail.  In the order section of the shopping cart you will be able to select, Next day, 2nd day or Regular delivery. If you require a different shipping option,  please contact us.

Do you offer a Gift Wrap service?

Yes, we provide Free gift wrap. If you would like to include a gift message, please enter that when you get to the shopping cart.

Can I ship a gift to a friend?

Yes, enter the friend's address as the "mail to address" and include any other relevant information in the "Order Instruction" box. (See the next entry too).

Can I purchase a greeting card to send with a gift?

Yes, select the card and the gift and when you get to the cart, enter your gift message in the "order instructions" box. We will hand-write your message into the greeting card.

Can I order something for myself at the same time as ordering a gift to ship to a friend?

You will need to place two separate orders in order for shipping and tax to be calculated correctly.

What is your returns policy?

We want you to be completely happy with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, we encourage you to return it to us within 30 days of receipt. We will then offer a replacement, refund, credit or exchange. We ask that you contact us prior to returning items.

Where are you located?

Pacifica, California, USA (about 12 miles South of San Francisco).

I live in San Francisco Bay Area, can I collect my order and avoid shipping costs?

Unfortunately we are not zoned to allow "drop-in" customers at out location.

Where do you ship from?

Pacifica, California, USA (with the exception of items that ship directly from a supplier).

Do you ship to other countries?

We can ship to addresses outside of the USA. Payment must be in USA dollars. Under 'Shipping', please select either 'Canada', or if your order is for a country other than the USA or Canada, select 'To be quoted by Email' and we will contact you with a shipping estimate. Please note that any applicable import duties will be charged directly to the recipient.

Privacy Questions

What is your Privacy Policy?

We value your privacy, for that reason any information we may collect from our customers in the course of doing business is not for sale, rent or trade to anyone.

Do you have an email list?

We send emails periodically to keep you informed of promotions, special offers, new arrivals or content we've added.  For your convenience, if you place an order, we add your email to our contact list (unless you opt out), but every email we send contains an 'unsubscribe' link, and you may also 'unsubscribe' at any time by contacting us.

Free Horse Sound Questions

What are the Free Horse Sounds?

These are digital recordings of horse sounds that have been saved into the two most popular computer sound file formats; 'Wav' for PC and 'Aif' for Macs.

For those of you who just can't get enough horse presence in your life we have an ever-growing selection of horse sounds that can be downloaded onto your computer.  Try replacing those nasty critical stop/exclamation sounds with a more relaxing long horse sigh-computing can become almost pleasurable!

Can the free sounds be used for commercial purposes?

If you wish to use any of our sounds for commercial purposes, please contact us at including a brief outline of what you expect to do with the sound/s and we'll get back in touch with you.

Can I put your sounds up on my web site.

Sorry, no. However, you are welcome to link directly to the sounds page and if you let us know we'll link back to you from our links page.

General Questions

Do you have a printed catalog?

No, we are sorry but we don't.

Do you have a retail outlet?

No, we are purely an Internet business.  However you might see us at some horse shows and events.

Have a question we haven't addressed? Please contact us and we'll do our best to answer it.

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