Christmas 2017 Shipping deadlines

Please place your orders by Midnight on the dates listed below for orders to arrive on or before December 23rd 2017 or Saturday 24th for US Mail deliveries.

(Standard) Priority US Mail 20th December
Ground (UPS) 15th December
Express (US Mail) 21st December
Next Day (Fed Ex) 21st December
Outside of The USA
Canada December 8th
Rest of the World December 6th


Privacy & Security

Are orders placed through a secure server?

All order transactions are placed through a secure server. Any information you share with us when placing an order online is encrypted to ensure security.

Do You Use Cookies. If so How?

Like most e-commerce websites we do use cookies. They are needed to help identify a visitor as they move around our site. With our shopping cart program, if you have cookies enabled, our program puts a cookie on your computer when an order is placed. This cookie, tracks you to keep your basket separate from other shopper's baskets. If, however, cookies are turned off, our program uses a system of IP address comparison, based on the shopping baskets already active on the system.

We also use cookies for analysing our web site traffic and cookies are used to track a visitor through our site. These cookies do not identify a person, rather they use a combination of browser type, computer type and IP address to track a vistor through our site.

Privacy Questions

What is your Privacy Policy?

We value your privacy, for that reason any information we may collect from our customers in the course of doing business is not for sale, rent or trade to anyone.

Do you have an email list?

We send emails periodically to keep you informed of promotions, special offers, new arrivals or content we've added.  For your convenience, if you place an order, we add your email to our contact list (unless you opt out), but every email we send contains an 'unsubscribe' link, and you may also 'unsubscribe' at any time by contacting us.

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