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Make a computer whinny or nicker!


These files are FREE for personal use but if you want to use them for commercial purposes please contact us first at:
Please do not copy these files and place them on other sites on the internet for people to download.
The sounds and images on the Horse Presence web site are copyright protected.
However, you are welcome to create a link to this site and let us know so we can link back to your site.

Disclaimer: You download and install these sound files at your own risk.
Please note we take no responsibility for any problems caused by changes you make to your computer settings.

To download a file:

Double click on either the WAV or Aif next to the sound description. Depending on how your web browser is set up you might be presented with a prompt to 'open now' or 'Save to disc'. Select 'Save to disc' and select your destination directory and click 'Save'.
If you are not presented with the option to download. Right click over the WAV or Aif and from the drop down menu, select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" or similar.

Adding Sounds to your computer:
If you do not know how to add sounds to your computer we recommend that you search in your favoraite search engine for:
"Adding audio files in xxxx"
Replacing xxxx with your operating system; for example, Windows Vista, OSX Leopard etc

The files are Wav format which should work for most PCs and Macs and Aif format which should work for most Macs

 Description of the Whinny sound files

An expectant and curious, nickery whinny.


A whinny from a filly with an odd little questioning grunt at the end.


A Groan descending groan.


A long blow that stays almost at the same pitch throughout.


An expectant nicker with a second nicker for good measure.


A great whinny. You need ear plugs for this. It starts squeaky but ends low.


A brief suck in before a load whinny.


More of a suck in than above and a slightly more emphatic whinny.


A distant whinny followed by a much closer whinny in reply.


Almost a strangled whinny to start with but it ends with gusto.


A welcome back to the stall buddy whinny


A close whinny with a distant response.


A distant whinny followed by a sighing bluster.


A close whinny with a neighboring horse adding a little grumble at the end.


Another tasteful addition: A whinny, a poop and a sighing bluster.



Blusters and Blows.

 Description of the Bluster and Blows sound files
 File size
 Windows Format
 Mac Format
A blustery blow with a little extra blow at the end.
 93Kb Wav Aif
Short indoor blustery blow.
75Kb  Wav Aif
Two horses bluster, one after the other.
195Kb  Wav  Aif
A sigh inhale followed by a long blustery exhale.
215Kb  Wav  Aif
Similar to above but lower pitched.
211Kb  Wav  Aif
A distant exhaled blustery blow in a stall.
81Kb  Wav  Aif


 Description of the Groans sound files

 File size
 Windows Format
 Mac Format
Groan and poop. A fairly long and distant recording.I t might be considered bad taste but we're just trying to capture in sound all the aspects of horse life that we can.  365Kb Wav Aif


 Description of the Nicker sound files

 File size
 Windows Format
 Mac Format
Short low nicker 
 106Kb  Wav Aif
Longer low nicker
74Kb  Wav Aif
Low "Have you got a treat?" nicker
78Kb  Wav  Aif
Low long decending nicker
 136Kb  Wav  Aif
Low throaty nicker balanced towards left speaker
139Kb  Wav  Aif
Low throaty nicker that pans across the speakers
143Kb  Wav  Aif
Quiet long nicker, balanced towards right speaker
164Kb  Wav Aif
Expectant nickers from two horses
  430Kb  Wav Aif


 Description of the Roars sound files

 File size
 Windows Format
 Mac Format
A short roar followed by a placating nicker
151Kb Wav Aif


 Description of the Sigh sound files

 File size
 Windows Format
 Mac Format
A slightly distant long sighing inhale with a slightly blustery exhale.
 135Kb Wav Aif
A long blustery exhale.
125Kb  Wav Aif
Very close deep and long inhale/exhale nazel sigh .
189Kb  Wav  Aif
A closer deep sigh with blustery exhale.
207Kb  Wav  Aif


 Description of the Snorts sound files

 File size
 Windows Format
 Mac Format
A close inhale/exhale snort followed by a second shorter snort.
 372Kb Wav Aif
Short quieter snort followed by a longer louder exhaled snort.
180Kb  Wav Aif
This blustery snort turns into an inhaled roar.
135Kb  Wav  Aif
A soft inhale/exhale snort followed by a short sigh.
207Kb  Wav  Aif
Short blowy exhaled snort.
75Kb  Wav  Aif
A very snorty sigh.
100Kb  Wav  Aif



 Description of the Whinny sound files

 Where's my buddy? Anxious whinny with a distant response.
 Wav  Aif
Buddy returns: Welcome whinny and nicker as a buddy trots by.
 Wav Aif
 Long whinny with a short whinny after it.
 Wav  Aif
 Long whinny with two short whinny after it.
 Wav  Aif
 Loud, somewhat anxious whinny.
 Wav  Aif
 Long, loud anxious whinny.
 Wav  Aif
A short welcome whinny with a nicker from a second horse.
 Wav Aif
Long whinny calling to pasture buddies.
 Wav Aif
 High whinny that is more of a squeal than a whinny.
 Wav  Aif
 A fairly short, high descending whinny.
 Wav  Aif
 A very long whinny, from a stall calling for a buddy.
 Wav Aif
 Very similar to the whinny above but a lttle shorter with a grunt at the end.
 Wav Aif
 A distant low volume outdoor whinny
 Wav Aif
 A slightly distant, long double whinny from a stall.
 Wav  Aif
 A distant (low volume) short and high pitched whinny
 Wav  Aif
 A distant (low volume) short and low pitched whinny
 Wav  Aif

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